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Heh, so I'm only a month behind on posting these. Still going to do one week at a time for my sanity. Full album here.

Week 6 pictures go here! )

Not gonna spam you guys with these too hard, but I do want to get them posted, so I'll try to space my catch-up throughout the week. :)

Ding 85!

May. 17th, 2011 11:49 pm
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Not my prettiest ding shot, but still happy for me.

For those that might not be aware, Adrayn (formerly Sairen) was one of my first characters that I really latched on to in Vanilla Wow (hunterSyth and Kaidra being the others.) And it was driving me a little bonkers that she was more or less abandoned in WotLK because Ahri wanted to play his warrior more. Sairen had storyline and history with Ahri, so I really wanted to keep them together at the time. I guess she had history with Elsena, too, but if he was levelling a tank it made sense for me to keep my healer with him.

Of course, things being what they are now... Well, let's just say, I'm more and more glad that I transferred her over. And I look forward to stretching my tanking legs on more runs for guildies and eventually pugs as I build my confidence.

Click for large.
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OMG so I HAVE to share. Was totally moping about this being such a lonely boring Friday night... Then NPCScan goes off. And OMG it's Aeonaxx! 85 Elite.. I'm naturally on the 83 pally. No worries, I bet I can take him.

And ... well...

(click for big)

Pallly v Dragon

The loot!

I love my pally. Transferring her was the best thing ever.
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As always, full album located here.

Cut for size and quantity )

What I like about doing this isn't so much the challenge of taking a picture every day. It's the challenge of seeing something cool enough to take a picture of every day. I think this, too, has done wonders for my mood.

WoW Post

Apr. 26th, 2011 08:07 pm
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I am quite pleased with this. Even if she needs new icons since the name change (horde character apparently has it saved on Bronzebeard).

Click for big.
Sairen/Adrayn 80 Ding!

Just seems appropriate to me that she would ding surrounded by a pile of undead.
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Full album located here.

Cutting these for politeness and because the size I want to post them at even overflows my own LJ style. >_>

Project 365 - Week 1 )
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possible spoilers )

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Edit: The hell LJ app. Geez, you leave a post for later and it figures no one wants to comment on it.
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New icon, new icon to go with my Dragon Age: Origins play through. Why yes, I'm an addict, why do you ask?

Possible spoilers if you somehow haven't played yet. )

So yeah, that's what I've been up to. Heh. Still feeling reclusive I guess, so it's a good outlet.
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First of all, an apology to my WoW friends that have probably been missing me since the game came out. I completely lack the ability to focus on more than one game (among other things) in my life, and thus.. I've been absorbed. That and I really enjoyed the game. *cough*

So before I start my wrap-up, a story! I originally pre-ordered my game through Steam, because I wanted to make sure I had the dog. Seriously, it was mostly the dog I was after. When the game unlocked, however, comedy ensued. For some reason I have two Bioware Social accounts. I think it has something to do with wondering why I would ever use email account A for something like that, and then when email account B didn't work, I created a new account because well, something must be wrong.

Naturally I had logged into the wrong account when it came time to apply the DLC codes. I suppose normally this wouldn't matter so much except for the part where my ME2 and DA:O stuff is all on the first account. And I like to keep it all together. So I waited most of the night to petition someone via live chat (being far too impatient for email). I figured it was a long shot but maybe if I asked someone nice they'd fix me up, right?

Well, Victor (if that was really his name) was pretty amazing. Basically he made new codes for me to put in. The fun part is where he asked if I had the Signature Edition. I suspected I didn't, but I told him I had whatever Steam had on pre-order. I got Signature Edition stuff anyway.

Overall, I spent a huge amount of time in game - though on reflection a good part of that was vendor bugging, exploration, afk time, and "god dammit I didn't want to lose 15 approval need to redo that".

So on to the spoilers! )

I think that's most of it? I might edit more in or mention it in comments if I think of it.

One last completely non spoilery note: All my DA/ME Kaidra's look really similar I realised. Short red hair (bob, not pixie), green eyes. My ME2 Kaidra has some renegade scarring... DAII Kaidra has nice tattoos. But otherwise.. yeah... Cousland, Shepard and Hawke... I'm a creature of habit.
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Got word today that Arwyn has a home. [ profile] lifeblender, you are a champion for helping me with this.


Aug. 6th, 2010 11:55 am
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Sort of cross-posted from Facebook for exposure.

Basically the email I got from Mom today was that Arwyn needs a home or he's going to the pound. If you, or anyone you know can house him even temporarily to keep that from happening, please please please let me know.

pyrosmeow at gmail or leave me a comment here.

Edit: I knew I had a pic floating around.

Edit: Ok, details for anyone coming to this post that maybe don't know Arwyn like my flist does. :) He's about 8 years old, obviously from the pic a long-haired tabby. Has lived with other animals in the past - seems to be like his owner... gets along fine as long as they're ok with him. Current is living with another cat and a dog with no issue. Is declawed on the front (not exactly by my choice), and is neutered. Shots were current last I knew, but I've been away for a couple years now. :<

Also most everyone that's met him says that he's a pretty cool cat. *sagenod*


Jun. 2nd, 2009 10:58 am
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Look at me, creating a new hidey-hole and doing absolutely nothing with it. I suppose it's how it goes when you're spoiled by one habitat. Reluctant to move to the new? Or maybe I just have grand plans and have yet to execute them?

Ok, yeah, that's unlikely.

I can dream though.
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Introductory posts are supposed to be full of something... well, something, yes?

Oh well.

This is me, laying my stake on this place.

And potentially filling it with things later.

*wanders off humming*
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