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Full album located here.

Cutting these for politeness and because the size I want to post them at even overflows my own LJ style. >_>

Day 1: My computer space. Complete with WoW Hunter Pet Flowchart on my wall.

Day 2: Patch of trees near the Lighthouse Theatre on campus. This is the place all the Dramac shows I see are held. I mostly just liked the colours.

Day 3: Poor umbrella. Someone took the time to rip the lid off that bin so they could trash it.

Day 4: Ibis! They like to come inside for snacks. And anywhere else they think they can find food. (We have pigeons too.)

Day 5: I did nothing exciting this day, so I took a picture of my bookshelf, showcasing my Happy Meal toys. Those are... recent.

Day 6: I took this one because I liked the colour of the leaves. After I took the camera inside, I saw everything else I captured. Heh.

Day 7: Flowers from one of the bushes near my parking spot at home. So pretty!

Date: 2011-04-09 07:10 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I really like your pictures!! :) The ibis one is really neat, but I also like the colors you've captured. ^_^

OHAI MY LITTLE PONY!! <3 I remember those from... a long time ago. I think their eyes have gotten bigger and googlier, though. :o


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