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As always, full album located here.

Day 22: I think we've determined I have a thing for plant-life, really. These leaves were found on my way to work.

Day 23: This pretty thing was in my backyard. If you could call it a yard. Patio area?

Day 24: I decided I didn't completely hate this one. Damp hair, squinty eyes from being dumb and facing the sun. But don't completely hate. My face has since broken out something terrible. Bleh.

Day 25: This is Luke. Luke is pretty awesome. Start of the movie night with Mitchell and friends. (Mitchell != Mitch. Mitchell is pretty awesome, too.)

Day 26: This pretty thing was on a tree right by our driveway. Rained that day (and many others). Thought it looked really nice with all the water.

Day 27: Trufax, I forgot to update my camera when DST stopped. So I thought I had taken this pic an hour late by timestamps. Not so! Showing off the gaping hole where there used to be a desk (said desk I had obtained for Mitch so he'd have a place to work when he came over). Also starting to put pictures on my wall. It's feeling like a bedroom. Edit: Looking at this now, I am lolling at the cider bottle, cheesecake container (mini-cheesecake) and sliver of WoW. It was a good day. *grin*

Day 28: Lazy bum pic of another section of my bookcase. The Pyro sign was a gift from [ profile] bassmasterjuan. More trufax. And it's moved with me so many places now, haha.

What I like about doing this isn't so much the challenge of taking a picture every day. It's the challenge of seeing something cool enough to take a picture of every day. I think this, too, has done wonders for my mood.
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