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So, turns out Jowan was pissed. Which is fair enough - had only been what? A week? Well, he was pissed till we needed to make up for the sake of plot, as I hadn't been to the Circle Tower yet. Since I wanted to save Connor the nice way, I was forced to spare him for now.

Omg, taking Shale to the tower = amusement, if only for convincing the Templar to take us across. Party in the tower was Alistair, Wynne, Lelianna, and my mage. So two healers, which worked ok actually. Sided with the mages (yes I'm a creature of habit). Kind of neat seeing Cullen, but makes me curious about timeline in DAII now, haha.

Zevran was found and romance was initiated. Yes, I move fast.

And thats the bulk of it. Oh, other smaller things - I own the bar in Redcliffe. I gave the kid his granddads sword back.

Another edit: So I looked up spoilers on the Cullen thing. Apparently as a mage, if you side with him or don't grant the tower autonomy, he becomes knight-commander there. If you go the other way... he goes mad and runs away. Either way I guess he still somehow ends up in Kirkwall for 10 years? Weird oversight?

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