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New icon, new icon to go with my Dragon Age: Origins play through. Why yes, I'm an addict, why do you ask?

So Malin is an elven mage. It's a little interesting to see which NPCs give you shit for which part of that, heh. Pointing out to the Lothering templars my maginess was amusing, especially when Morrigan stepped in.

OMG I forgot what a BITCH Morrigan could be. So sue me for wanting to help an elven family get their things back, and meta-gaming wanting an extra merchant in town.

Speaking of meta-gaming, I totally dobbed Jowan in during the origin story. I wonder how pissed he'll be at me later.

So basically by that point I had established a mage that wanted to be free, but doesn't want to resort to blood magic to do so, and has far more respect for Ferelden's First Enchanter and newbie templar Cullen. (D'aw he was so fresh-faced)

He's been very nice to royalty and short on patience with those that would harass him for his heritage and talents.

Favourite line of non-consequence: "A chanter says what?"

I may have laughed a bit too hard after harassing the chanter outside Lothering's chantry.

So far, my party consists of Alistair, Leliana and the dog. So, yes, the templar and the sister. I'm not sure if I want to replace one of them with Shale once I get her, or keep on with this ridiculous party. Of course, I also want to romance Zevran (since he swings every which way and all), so maybe later I'll swap things over.

I can't see too many of my major decisions in the game being very different from the last play through, but it's nice to get a lore reminder and just zone out to things. Maybe I'll kill Flemeth this time. (Also holy crap, what a difference in her model - had blocked that out a bit)

So far only just out of Lothering - about to go pick up Shale. So not very far in at all. We'll see if this makes it to completion. Torn on what to do with Alistair. Will probably still kill Loghain - he just upsets me.

So yeah, that's what I've been up to. Heh. Still feeling reclusive I guess, so it's a good outlet.
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